CONGRATULATIONS & WELCOME to the Puerto Rico Masterminds featuring Lewis Howes - "School Of Greatness".

 In order to make this event the best experience possible, we keep the numbers very small and hand select EVERY person who attends.  This gives everyone quality access to the Special Guru & other top notch entrepreneurs.  Additionally, for us to create the ultimate mastermind event we need to know about you, your business and your goals.  None of this information will ever be shared EVER!  We use it to try and bring a balance of skill and areas looking to be improved.  So please provide honest answers, and help us create the the best event possible.  (Attendees are not selected based on income, list, or years of experience)

An awesome event is created primarily on having a balanced and motivated group of entrepreneurs, that can contribute to making the overall event a success.  

Obviously we have more applications then we have spaces, we will inform you either way if your application is accepted or not.  If it is you will have 7 days to sign up or the spot will be passed to the next person.  If you are not selected for this session, we hope you will apply again for a future session and we look forward to meeting you soon!
Full Name:

Please provide your website and any social media links for your business (or brand)

Which Mastermind Event are you applying for?

Who referred you to this Mastermind event?

If not applicable - tell us how you heard about it.
What is Your T-Shirt Size?

What excites you most about attending Puerto Rico Masterminds?

What Style Of Business Do You Have?

Describe your business in three sentences or less.

What Is The Size Of Your Team

What Is Your Business Income Level

Describe what you do in your business

What is your list size

Describe your top 3 strengths as an entrepreneur. (Be Specific & Original)

What are your two TOP things you are hoping to learn by attending Puerto Rico Masterminds?

What is an area you feel you can contribute most to during the mastermind.

Part of the power of these mastermind sessions is the quality of those attending.  We gain insight not just from the guru's but also from those attending.  describe the area's you feel most successful in your online business.  BE SPECIFIC!!
What is your top goal for this year in business?

Describe your proudest achievement to date in online business.

What specific area have you been trying to improve in the past year? & How have you tried to improve it?

How long have you been in your current business?

What is your biggest weakness in your business? (Be open and honest)

Will you be able to attend the start of both Friday & Saturday sessions?

Anyone who is not in attendance on Friday Morning when we start will not be admitted to the mastermind - no refund.  (You are either ALL IN or You're OUT!)
If you could pick one strategy of online business that would be your "powerhouse" what would it be?

Give a brief overview of what you feel most confident in performing in online business.
What excites you most about your business?

If you could only ask the guru one question what would it be?

We have a lot of great entrepreneurs applying and a limited number of spots. Why should you get to attend this mastermind over someone else?

Remember attendees are not selected based on income, list size, or years of experience.  Help us understand what unique skill and talent you could offer to this event to make it a better experience overall for everyone.
Any other information you think would be beneficial for us to know about you?

We Have a lot of great entrepreneurs applying and a limited number of spots.
Is there an area that you are "Crushing It" in your business?  Something that you think the whole group would benefit from learning?

The mastermind is not a seminar. It is a group of successful entrepreneurs coming together to share insights and success strategies with each other.  We select a few of the attendees each event to share with the whole group their insights on a specific topic.  So if you have something you think would be great for the group to hear about, let us know specifically what that topic is, and how it will benefit the group!  Thanks.
You ROCK!  Thank you for your application.  We will be reviewing all of these applications in the upcoming month.  We will follow up with you with the final decisions regardless of acceptance or not.  

If you are accepted we will contact you with the link to pay for your spot.  There will be a Full Pay & a payment option.  (Do note full payment MUST be completed before the start of the event)

We are excited for the opportunity to help you Level Up your business in Paradise!
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